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About us

Le Bureau, luxury concierge services company based in Geneva Switzerland, has been offering its top class global concierge service since 2002. The mission of our dedicated professional team is to save you valuable time and take care of all your daily requirements.
Our travel and events department specialises in delivering extraordinary money-can't buy experiences. Whether you fancy a private jet trip taking you on a golf tour around Europe or exclusive tickets for a Formula 1 race, our team will arrange it for you.
There is no such thing as mission impossible for Le Bureau.

Le Bureau prides itself on responding promptly and efficiently to clients'queries. Looking after corporate as well as private individual clients our business is founded upon our personal approach, our diligence and exclusivity.

Le Bureau: Global solutions

Le Bureau is your ideal partner in:

Our team will respond to your requests quickly by telephone or e-mail in French, English, German or Russian.

Our long experience in the management of events and trips for UHNWI and PEP ensures you a stay up to your expectations.

Case studies

The Ouessant sheep

You don´t deal with requests like this every day but it is the challenge that makes our work so much fun. Our client´s dearest wish was to purchase two Ouessant dwarf sheep immediately but definitely by the end of that week. Our expert team jumped straight into action and within a week two adorable Ouessant sheep were happily grazing in the garden of their new home. 

The trendy handbag

One of the word's leading banks was urgently looking for a fashionable handbag recently launched by a famous luxury brand. Unfortunately, the handbag was sold out and it would be six months before another bag would be available.Oops! Le Bureau's team went to work and the delighted client received the precious handbag a week later.

French Open tennis: Forgotten VIP passes

One of our client left his VIP passes for the men's semi-finals at Roland Garros in his car at Geneva Airport. He only realised when his flight was boarding and it was too late to go back for them. When he arrived at the stadium in a despondent frame of mind he was welcomed by one of our assistants who handled him the precious VIP passes. Our team had worked their magic to get passes out of the car and delivered to Paris in time.

International Motor Show in Geneva: Last minute booking in a 5* hotel

Finding a room in Geneva during the International Motor Show is almost impossible. Le Bureau lived up to its reputation and succeeded in finding a night's accomodation in a prestigious hotel only two days before the guest's arrival.

Concerts and Music Festivals

Everyone has struggled at one time or another to secure tickets for a popular event, festival or concert. But there are ticket challenges and tickets challenges! Normally there is almost no chance to find tickets for the famous Bayreuth Music festival in Germany which has ten-year waiting list. The New Year Concert in Vienna is similarly out of reach for most mortals but Le Bureau secured excellent seats for both events after just a few weeks' work.

A birthday to remember

Which little girl would not be amazed to be presented with her birthday cake by her favourite cartoon hero on the top of the Eiffel Tower? and which golf Addict would not love a surprise round of golf with one of golf's legends such as Gary Player? Le Bureau made it all happen.

The team


Mencia de Rivoire
Founding Partner
Geneva - Switzerland

+41 22 737 41 60

Dominique Rey
Managing Partner
Geneva - Switzerland

+41 22 737 41 60


Julien Canuet
Lifestyle manager
Geneva - Switzerland

+41 22 737 41 60

Soraya Skalli
Lifestyle manager
Geneva - Switzerland

+41 22 737 41 60


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